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-==== Roadmap to Parole 0.6 ====+==== Roadmap to Parole 0.6.2 ====
-**GTK3 transition** +  ​[Bugfix] Fix packaging of Parole'​s plugins in Ubuntu 
-  * <​del>​Use [[https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/3.8/​GtkOverlay.html|GtkOverlay]] for (fullscreen-)play-controls?</​del>​ +  * [Bugfix] Fix mkv subtitle mess https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9880 
-  * Draw the GtkOverlay player controls with cairo +  * [Bugfix] ​Make sure Parole inhibits ​the X11 ScreenSaver extension ​and DPMS timeouts 
-    * Fix GtkOverlay staying atop the gst-video-overlay in Gtk3.6 +  * [Bugfix] Move from GtkAction to GAction 
-    * Add padding around the playbuttons (they'​re currently cut off at the bottom) +  * [Bugfix] ​ When playing back a stream, I get a lot of 
-    * <​del>​Add fade-out when hiding</​del>​ > Impossible because transparency doesn'​t work +    * ''​(parole:29323)GLib-GObject-WARNING *: value "-1" of type '​gint64'​ is invalid or out of range for property '​absolute-duration'​ of type '​gint64'''​ 
-    * <del>Make the GtkOverlay semi-transparent ​and rounded</​del>​ > Impossible because transparency doesn'​t work +  * [Bugfix] ​ There'​s some odd g_object_unref or something in the play/pause code or something like thati get lots of 
-  * <​del>​Replace checkboxes with GtkSwitches in the Preferences</​del>​ +    * ''​(parole:​29323): GLib-CRITICAL ​**: Source ID 1787 was not found when attempting to remove it'' errors 
-  * Consider using GtkActions for a lot of functionalityhttp://​whyareyoureadingthisurl.wordpress.com/​2011/​07/​17/​gtkaction-howto-and-why/ +  [Bugfix] Fix mouse-cursor hiding when dialogs are open (i.e. make hiding more intelligent
-  * Current bugs +    * when opening e.g. the preferences during playback, the mousecursor gets hidden when hovering the content, which can be irritating, instead we should always show the cursor in this case 
-    * Closing ​the Preferences dialog spews a lot of warnings +  * [Bugfix] Fix building of plugin-docs
-    * Using the Save Playlist dialog worksbut also shows lots and lots of warnings. +
-    * Popup menus (playlist menushow up a great distance from their widget. +
-    ​Play/Pause icons in playlist aren't properly symbolic +
-      ​Doesn't seem to be possible, swapped back to non-symbolic in playlist +
-    Switching to fullscreen-mode via the "​f"​ key sometimes fails (shows video in windowed size, rest of the screen is blacked out> trying to make it reproducible +
-    * Not happening anymore..?  Playing a DVD with gst1.0 errors out with "​GStreamer backend error: The stream is in the wrong format."​+
-**General** +  ​[Feature] Add "Go to position"​ feature and a hidden setting for controls-timeout 
-  Speed up subtitle-loading by/and jump/ing back 3sec after setting subtitles +    http://git.xfce.org/​users/​ochosi/​parole/​log/?​h=timeout_option 
-  * Should we move the plugins to a section in the Preferences dialog (as previously suggested by Simon)+  * [Feature] Rethink ​the gstreamer-plugins-installer (packagekit) 
-  * Improve menubar +  * [Feature] Add option to "​Always hide menubar" ​to the Preferences-dialog (not sure which tab, maybe the first one
-    * Per http://​paste.ubuntu.com/​6019850/​, we have restructured ​the menubar as below. +    * If that option is ticked, we could show an open-file entry in the right-click menu 
-    Media +  [Feature] API Updates 
-      The application'​s '​File' ​menu, contains the following items: Open, Open (Network) Location, Recent Menu, Save Playlist, CD/DVD, Quit  +    Extend API to give plugins easy access to Tools menu 
-    * Playback +    * Extend API to make it easier for plugins to save xfconf settings in parole/plugins/​plugin-name 
-      * Previously the '​Edit'​ menu, contains the following items: Repeat, Shuffle, Show/Hide Playlist +  [Feature] Plugins Manager 
-      Should we also add additional playlist controls here (with customizable keyboard accelerators) (as suggested by Simon)? +    * Consider moving the plugins to tab in the Preferences dialog 
-    * DVD +  * [Feature] Subtitles 
-      * This menu appears when disc is being played. ​ It was originally ​in the playlist widget. +    * Speed up loading by seeking forward/​backward after subtitle selection changed 
-    * Audio +  [Feature] Make the amount of buffering configurable 
-      The same old '​Audio'​ menu, contains ​the following items: Audio Track (previously Languages), Volume Up/​Down/​Mute +  * [Feature] Improve network-performance ​(mplayer and vlc seem much more efficient via e.g. ssh
-    * Video +    * General problem of gstreamer? 
-      A refocused '​View'​ menu, now containing the following items: Fullscreen, Aspect Ratio, Subtitles +  [Feature] New plugins 
-    * Tools +    * Subtitle-fetching plugin? 
-      A new '​Tools'​ menu, currently containsPlugins, Preferences +    YouTube plugin? https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​show_bug.cgi?​id=9971 
-      We can extend ​the plugin API to allow adding menu items to this menu. +  <​del>​Include default theming for GtkOverlay in case themes don't support ​the osd class</​del>​ 
-    * Help +    * doesn't seem possiblecause either ​the cssprovider overrides the theme or the theme overrides the fallbackbecause there doesn'​t seem to be a sane way to check whether the osd-class gets specially themed
-      * Your usual 'Help' menuwithout ​the Help... we need documentation! ​ Current items: Report a bug (NEW!)About +
- +
- +
-**Playlist** +
-  * Add total playtime ​to playlist +
-    * Seems hard/​impossible for video-files, do-able for audio-files +
- +
-**Documentation** +
-  * Get on with it+
 ==== Discussion ==== ==== Discussion ====
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