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Roadmap to Parole 0.6

GTK3 transition

  • Use GtkOverlay for (fullscreen-)play-controls?
  • Draw the GtkOverlay player controls with cairo
    • Fix GtkOverlay staying atop the gst-video-overlay in Gtk3.6
    • Add padding around the playbuttons (they're currently cut off at the bottom)
    • Add fade-out when hiding > Impossible because transparency doesn't work
    • Make the GtkOverlay semi-transparent and rounded > Impossible because transparency doesn't work
  • Replace checkboxes with GtkSwitches in the Preferences
  • Consider using GtkActions for a lot of functionality: http://whyareyoureadingthisurl.wordpress.com/2011/07/17/gtkaction-howto-and-why/
  • Current bugs
    • Closing the Preferences dialog spews a lot of warnings
    • Using the Save Playlist dialog works, but also shows lots and lots of warnings.
    • Popup menus (playlist menu) show up a great distance from their widget.
    • Play/Pause icons in playlist aren't properly symbolic
      • Doesn't seem to be possible, swapped back to non-symbolic in playlist
    • Switching to fullscreen-mode via the “f” key sometimes fails (shows video in windowed size, rest of the screen is blacked out) > trying to make it reproducible
    • Not happening anymore..? Playing a DVD with gst1.0 errors out with “GStreamer backend error: The stream is in the wrong format.”


  • Speed up subtitle-loading by/and jump/ing back 3sec after setting subtitles
  • Should we move the plugins to a section in the Preferences dialog (as previously suggested by Simon)?
  • Improve menubar
    • Per http://paste.ubuntu.com/6019850/, we have restructured the menubar as below.
    • Media
      • The application's 'File' menu, contains the following items: Open, Open (Network) Location, Recent Menu, Save Playlist, CD/DVD, Quit
    • Playback
      • Previously the 'Edit' menu, contains the following items: Repeat, Shuffle, Show/Hide Playlist
      • Should we also add additional playlist controls here (with customizable keyboard accelerators) (as suggested by Simon)?
    • DVD
      • This menu appears when a disc is being played. It was originally in the playlist widget.
    • Audio
      • The same old 'Audio' menu, contains the following items: Audio Track (previously Languages), Volume Up/Down/Mute
    • Video
      • A refocused 'View' menu, now containing the following items: Fullscreen, Aspect Ratio, Subtitles
    • Tools
      • A new 'Tools' menu, currently contains: Plugins, Preferences
      • We can extend the plugin API to allow adding menu items to this menu.
    • Help
      • Your usual 'Help' menu, without the Help… we need documentation! Current items: Report a bug (NEW!), About


  • Add total playtime to playlist
    • Seems hard/impossible for video-files, do-able for audio-files


  • Get on with it