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Roadmap to Parole 0.6

What's next?

1. DONE - Backport fixes to parole-0.5.x - DONE
2. DONE - Release parole 0.5.3 - DONE
3. DONE - Push current parole-master to 0.5.x branch - DONE
4. DONE - merge bluesabre/gtk3 - DONE
5. DONE - wait a week for translations - DONE
6. DONE - release parole 0.5.90 (or whatever we will call it) - DONE
7. DONE - organize testing (create parole-gst0.10 and parole-gst1.0 packages in the PPA)
8. DONE - Release 0.6



  • DONE


  • For a version after 0.6…
  • Add option to “Always hide menubar” to the Preferences-dialog (not sure which tab, maybe the first one)
    • If that option is ticked, we could show an open-file entry in the right-click menu
  • API Updates
    • Extend API to give plugins easy access to Tools menu
    • Extend API to make it easier for plugins to save xfconf settings in parole/plugins/plugin-name
  • Plugins Manager
    • Consider moving the plugins to a tab in the Preferences dialog
  • Subtitles
    • Speed up loading by seeking forward/backward after subtitle selection changed
  • Make the buffering configurable
  • Improve network-performance (mplayer and vlc seem much more efficient via e.g. ssh)
  • New plugins
    • Subtitle-fetching plugin?
    • MPRIS2 support (for indicator-sound and Gnome Shell media player extension)
    • YouTube plugin?
  • Rethink the gstreamer-plugins-installer (packagekit)
  • Include default theming for GtkOverlay in case themes don't support the osd class
    • doesn't seem possible, cause either the cssprovider overrides the theme or the theme overrides the fallback, because there doesn't seem to be a sane way to check whether the osd-class gets specially themed