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Roadmap to 1.4

Pending for merge

Investigating / in preparation

  • sync sliders in display tab so that they cannot have invalid values
  • critical power action does not work (maybe related to having more than one battery?)

Open Issues / Bugs

  • fix incorrect display brightness “normal” level after resuming from suspend; or to describe it differently, reducing the level works, but it won't get set back to 100% but to some other level; I still have to investigate into this, maybe it was caused because I did not use power manager to hibernate.
  • check if the X11 blanking value differs from the one saved in xfconf/xfpm and override xfconf with it
    • explanation: the user could manually set the blank time in a terminal “xset s 10” and xfpm's UI wouldn't reflect this at all, but the screen would still blank after 10 seconds. as this is more the exception than the rule, checking this once at dialog startup should be fine.
  • Update docs
  • Hide devices tab if there are no devices
  • Fix slider turning off displays on some laptops (mostly newer ones)
  • fix hiding all stuff when related hardware devices are unavailable
  • fix borders and spaces of container widgets being different, see http://git.xfce.org/users/hjudt/xfce4-power-manager/log/?h=ui-fixes
  • Merge brightness plugin into battery plugin
  • split up system sleep mode for battery/AC and put it above “when inactive for”
    • do not use translated string for setting this option
  • rename “lock screen” option to “lock screen when system is going to sleep”
  • move lock screen option to general tab
  • move lid actions to controls tab
  • help button does not work
    • Works for me – maybe you have a broken version of libxfce4ui? - yes likely (4.11.1 on gentoo), other help buttons don't work too
  • make display sleep mode option a hidden option, defaulting to suspend
  • resize panel widgets on gtk style changes
  • remove options that are not working; we can add them back later
    • System tab: “Prefer saving power over performance” - how is it supposed to work anyway (only when on battery)?
    • System tab: Remove “Hard disks” section completely
      • the dbus call seems to have been removed anyway in udisks2
  • nothing handled in xfpm_power_dbus_get_power_save_status; setting powersaving via dbus does not work?
  • automatically select first device in list on devices tab (usually details for AC adapter appear on the right, but the AC adapter entry on the left is not selected, which is slightly confusing

Battery Plugin

  • Fix plugin icon being cropped with themes that set xthickness/ythickness
  • Hook up the device-entries to the respective page in the settings manager
  • When xfpm isn't running and you open preferences it asks if you want to start xfpm then settings quits, it would be nice if settings either continued to load or waited a couple seconds and relaunched itself.

Backlight tab (not completely realized, dialog has been redesigned in a different way)

  • Add checkbox to enable handling of brightness management ( = override kernel)
    • we can check and set /sys/module/video/parameters/brightness_switch_enabled
    • because sometimes xfce4-power-manager might handle backlight better than the kernel driver (finer steps etc.)
  • hide/show tab when on desktop/laptop
  • Move brightness-settings from display tab
  • Add option to deactivate brightness notifications

1.6 (or later)

  • better handle machines that have more than one battery (especially warnings and remaining time, tooltip info about battery)
    • UPower 1.0 has a concept of a display device that is supposed to fix that issue, but we do need it to work for earlier versions.
  • add functionality to execute command line programs or scripts on battery/AC changes
    • enables the user to easily apply additional low-level powersaving stuff that is out of scope of power manager
    • at the moment, this can be achieved via udev rules
    • could be a hidden option, or on an extra tab
  • Consider doing a fade-to-black, if X11's screensaver extension is used (instead of gnome-screensaver or xscreensaver)
  • Detect installed/running lockers and add “Preferred lockscreen:” combobox to the settings-dialog (deprecates the “stupid” xflock script)
  • Add code to handle cpu frequency / governor settings, e.g. powersave/performance switch for intel_pstate.
  • Show current watt usage (upower energy rate available in battery info)