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Xfce Design SIG (Special Interest Group)

The Xfce Design SIG aims at improving the usability and visual appearance of the Xfce desktop environment. Our goal is to bring interested users, designers and hackers together to ensure neither of them is working in a vacuum. By establishing a context in which they can collaborate on smaller and larger design-related projects we try to increase the chance of the proposed changes to be merged into the official Xfce repositories.


Members of the Design SIG are not appointed or elected. Everyone can participate! Feel free to add your name, interests and skills to the following list if you are striving for regular contributions to our ongoing design efforts.

Name IRC Nickname Interests (In the SIG Context) Skills (Applicable in the SIG Context)
Simon Steinbeiß ochosi GTK theming; UI improvements mockups, gtk-theming
Jannis Pohlmann JPohlmann Improve usability and visual appearance of Xfce Knows Xfce well, can code
Nick Schermer NSchermer Same as above Same as above
Pasi Lallinaho knome Any UI/graphical improvement, usability/clean approaches Mockups, artwork, CSS, …
Jon Masters jonmasters UI roadmap, usability/clean approaches Recent convert, can code
Steve Dodier-Lazaro sidi User studies, general UX roadmap User research (field, interviews, online studies), can code

Accepted and Active Projects

Completed Projects

Project Proposals

Here you can propose new UI-related projects for the Design SIG to work on. Please provide a title and a short description and maybe a link to mockups and related information.

Big Tasks

Smaller Tasks and UI Improvements