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You can read all about the merge planned for 4.10 here.

For Reference: Old Interfaces of xfce4-appfinder and xfrun4

Initial Idea

His is how I had it in mind first. — Nick Schermer 2011/05/29 23:21

Collapsed version, like xfrun4.

Expanded like xfce4-appfinder.


Compact Mockup

Rationale: when auto-completing a command appfinder could show the icon of the application the user is about to launch. The idea of dropping the expander in favor of the dropdown is also integrated in this mockup. — Simon Steinbeiß 2011/05/31 04:20


Error handling mockups

1 2


Compact Mode (Expanded)

This is a mockup based on real code that demonstrates the idea of using the down/up button in the entry to expand the view. The question is: How would completions be handled in the expanded view? Would they be dropped? — Jannis Pohlmann 2011/05/31 15:53


C demo-code in GIT

Center the entry with the icon, but keep 6px space between the entry and the buttons.

Expanded layout with 6px between the icon and the treeview, entry still center-aligned with the icon.



Picked that idea up from the roadmap page, when entering a webadress the icon will change to the default browser obviously (same thing could happen for email-addresses). So far this seems pretty obvious and easy, it'll get more challenging (in the minimal mode) when e.g. a webaddress would target more than one application: alternative browser, web-services etc. — Simon Steinbeiß 2011/06/03 10:54

Panel Plugin

A button, which looks like the Applications Menu button and toggles visibility of an AppFinder widget.

The AppFinder widget is displayed next to the panel (like applications menu), without window borders and without “Preferences”, “Close”, “Launch” buttons. Optionally it has an additional padding.

AppFinder preferences are available through a plugin context menu. AppFinder plugin preferences (icon, visibility of a label etc.) are also available through the context menu. (a separate dialog?)


Appfinder panel plugin

Implementation Constraints