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Bugzilla Milestones

This page contains a bit of explanation for the milestones used in our bug tracker.


Bugs without a milestone: Open, All

Xfce Panel

Bugs without a milestone: Open, All

Milestone Bugs Description
Panel Old Open, All Ancient bugs or feature that don't apply to version 4.2.x or later.
Panel 4.2 Open, All Bugs that should technically be fixed in the 4.2 branch, although that's not likely to happen anymore.
Panel 4.4 Open, All It is important this bug will be fixed in the next stable release.
Panel 4.6 Open, All A bug or feature that should be fixed in trunk (ie. next major release).
Panel 4.8 Open, All Features that are likely to be implemented in the panel rewrite.
Future Open, All A feature that is interesting to implement, but has no target milestone yet.