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Roadmap to Parole 0.6.2

  • [Bugfix] Fix packaging of Parole's plugins in Ubuntu
  • [Bugfix] Move from GtkAction to GAction
  • [Bugfix] When playing back a stream, I get a lot of * (parole:29323): GLib-GObject-WARNING *: value “-1” of type 'gint64' is invalid or out of range for property 'absolute-duration' of type 'gint64'
  • [Bugfix] There's some odd g_object_unref or something in the play/pause code or something like that, i get lots of * (parole:29323): GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 1787 was not found when attempting to remove it errors
  • [Bugfix] Fix mouse-cursor hiding when dialogs are open (i.e. make hiding more intelligent)
  • [Bugfix] Multimedia keys cannot be disabled with the Preferences checkbox
  • [Bugfix] Show Playlist in the menu is a checkbox that never has a correct label+selection
  • [Bugfix] State of “Show Playlist” button in the overlay is inverted
  • [Bugfix] In the open-file dialog, the recent-category in the sidebar also lists e.g. glade files as playlist files, folders as audio/video files etc.
  • [Bugfix] Let users always show playcontrols (Bug 10976)
  • [Bugfix] Fix the prev/next buttons not being correctly in/sensitive
  • [Bugfix] Fix mkv subtitle mess https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9880
    • This should now be fixed in trunk, need verification
  • [Bugfix] Selected text subtitle files are added to the Recent Items
  • [Bugfix] Fix building of plugin-docs
  • [Bugfix] Open location fails with m3u and xspf playlists
  • [Bugfix] Audio track seems to be reversed for some files (Japanese is English, English is Japanese)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot seek in some OGM files
  • [Bugfix] Menu keyboard shortcuts fail when menu is hidden
  • [Feature] Add “Go to position” feature and a hidden setting for controls-timeout * http://git.xfce.org/users/ochosi/parole/log/?h=timeout_option
  • [Feature] Add support for clutter backend
    • Fix Display-tab of preferences to correctly show the clutter-option
  • [Feature] Use GtkRevealer to animate showing/hiding the playback controls (with Gtk>=3.10)
  • [Feature] Rethink the gstreamer-plugins-installer (packagekit)
  • [Feature] Add option to “Always hide menubar” to the Preferences-dialog (not sure which tab, maybe the first one)
    • If that option is ticked, we could show an open-file entry in the right-click menu
  • [Feature] API Updates
    • Extend API to give plugins easy access to Tools menu
    • Extend API to make it easier for plugins to save xfconf settings in parole/plugins/plugin-name
  • [Feature] Plugins Manager
    • Consider moving the plugins to a tab in the Preferences dialog
  • [Feature] Subtitles
    • Speed up loading by seeking forward/backward after subtitle selection changed
  • [Feature] Make the amount of buffering configurable
  • [Feature] Improve network-performance (mplayer and vlc seem much more efficient via e.g. ssh)
    • General problem of gstreamer?
  • [Feature] New plugins
  • Include default theming for GtkOverlay in case themes don't support the osd class
    • doesn't seem possible, cause either the cssprovider overrides the theme or the theme overrides the fallback, because there doesn't seem to be a sane way to check whether the osd-class gets specially themed