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 == Stage 1 == == Stage 1 ==
-Target: Xfce 4.12, Implementation: ​75+Target: Xfce 4.12, Implementation: ​100
-  * Support extended desktop mode for monitors+  * Support extended desktop mode for multiple ​monitors
   * Improve minimal dialog   * Improve minimal dialog
 +Status: Wait for testing/​bugreports for 4.11.0.
 == Stage 2 == == Stage 2 ==
-Target: , Implementation: ​0+Target: , Implementation: ​75
-  * Replace treeview with iconview+  * Replace treeview with iconview ​(DONE)
   * Support xfce4-notifyd'​s themes for the identity-popups   * Support xfce4-notifyd'​s themes for the identity-popups
-  * Support setting the primary monitor (Related bug: [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​show_bug.cgi?​id=9338|9338]]) +  * Support setting the primary monitor (Related bug: [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​show_bug.cgi?​id=9338|9338]]) (DONE
-  * Create "​display profiles"​ (save setups based on EDID)+  * Create "​display profiles"​ (save setups based on EDID) (DONE) 
 +==== Changelog Version 4.11.0 ==== 
 +  * Implement support for extended desktop mode 
 +  * Improve minimal dialog 
 +  * Use new big icons to make minimal dialog easier to understand 
 +  * Implement display identification popups 
 +  * Improve applying new settings (now works with Nvidia'​s proprietary driver as well) 
 +  * Fix small naming inconsistencies 
 ==== Status Quo ==== ==== Status Quo ====
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 ==== Open Issues ==== ==== Open Issues ====
-Normal dialog: +**Hotplugging Scenarios*
-  ​Fix xfconf channel binding warning +  with an external display connected, internal ​display disabled, we want to re-enable ​the internal ​display ​when the cable gets __disconnected__ 
-  ​<​del>​Add code for "​identifying popups"</​del>​ +  * when __connecting__ an external/​additional display, we could show a notification-popup ​with an action-button to either enable ​the display directly and/or open the display-dialog 
-    ​Use xfce4-notifyd'​s gtk-style +  * when the laptop-lid gets closed (e.g. in a docking-station), we should disable the display ​(currently this doesn'​t happen reliably ​with xfce4-power-manager, maybe this functionality should reside in xfsettingsd?​)
-    Fix wrong position and values after a display ​has been disabled +
-    * <​del>​Re-color the currently selected ​display</​del>​ +
-  * Check why xrandr works better ​with Nvidia proprietary than our code +
-    * Applying new positions works every second time. Debugging output about desktop dimensions only gets printed every second time (TRACE[displays.c:​800] xfce_displays_helper_channel_apply():​ Desktop dimensions: 3200x1200 (px), 722x271 (mm).) I would assume that the problem lies there: ​the desktop dimensions don't get changed in time for the first try, so the driver falls back to mirror-mode. The second time the desktop dimensions are already changed from the last try and then applying new positions works. What supports this hypothesis is that switching from right-of to left-of seems to work fine. But e.g. from right-of to below it takes 2 tries again and vice versa (because the desktop dimensions would again have to be changed). --- //[[simon]] 2012/10/11 10:55// +
-  * Code review +
-  * <​del>​Fix rotation code with extended desktop mode</​del>​ +
-  * <​del>​Change rotation-combo-entry-name from "​normal"​ to "​none"</​del>​+
 Minimal dialog: Minimal dialog:
   * Add the 10sec-reset-timeout dialog just to be sure   * Add the 10sec-reset-timeout dialog just to be sure
-  * Debug/fix segfault after setting Mirror, then Extend Right 
-  * <​del>​4 options: Only Primary, Mirror, Extend Right, Only Secondary</​del>​ 
-    * <​del>​draw icons</​del>​ 
-    * <​del>​implement in code</​del>​ 
-  * <​del>​Hook up Advanced button</​del>​ 
-  * <​del>​Consider dropping "​presentation mode"</​del>​ 
 General: General:
-  * Fix 3 commit authors (merge locally, then rebase interactive on origin/​master and set a new committer)+  * <del>Fix 3 commit authors (merge locally, then rebase interactive on origin/​master and set a new committer)</​del>​
   * Celebrate the release!   * Celebrate the release!