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Xfwm4: Allow the Alt-Tab Window to be Themed

Xfwm4's tabwin/window cycling looks a bit old-school today, a refresh of its look and the possibility to theme it would be desirable.

ochosi/tabwin branch

If you wanna test this branch, pull and build it. You need libxfce4ui from git-master installed as well. As an addon, you can pull the Greybird-theme with some tweaks that make the tabwin look like on the screenshot above: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/tree/ochosi/tabwin Note: this is iteration 2 now. I added rounded corners with cairo (only if a compositor is in use). Next step is to finalize the padding and to make transparency, roundness, border-width and colors themeable/configurable.

Simple Listview

Grouped Listview

Group applications

Shimmerproject's Mockups

Without text (with/without compositor)

With text



  • As can be seen in the 'text-only list', this improvement should also unforce ALL CAPS in the application names. In my opinion, this is not necessary to make the titles stand out. — Pasi Lallinaho 2011/06/23 11:58