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Appfinder panel plugin

README (from repo):

Application Finder Panel Applet (appfinder)

Appfinder is an extension for the Xfce Panel. It enables users to add a button
to the panel, which, when pressed, pops up an appfinder widget
(same as the one displayed by running an xfce4-appfinder command).
The differences between this panel and having a simple launcher on the panel
that starts xfce4-appfinder are:
- the button is configurable, i.e.:
  * it can have an icon, a label, or both,
  * it can occupy the whole width of the panel.
- the configuration dialog is available by right-clicking on the button
  and the appfinder window isn't cluttered with buttons such as "preferences",
  "close" or "launch".
- pressing the button toggles the appfinder window on/off rather than starting
  several instances of xfce4-appfinder.


Pending issues:

  1. no plugin preferences
  2. no keyboard focus – using a GTK_WINDOW_POPUP (like menu) but it needs additional code to handle focus.
  3. “ if I click outside the widget, I'd like it to close - this isn't the case atm” – Related to 2?
  4. GTK_WINDOW_POPUP makes direct window resizing impossible (has to be done through a preference dialog). Is it possible to make a toplevel window without title bar but with resizing frames?
  5. will (probably) have to disable collapsed mode – other possibilities: set size requisition in the widget (doesn't allow scaling the window down (?)) or add a DBUS signal for mode changes.
  6. strange behaviour of mouse clicks – fixed in repo
  7. for some reason the widget looks a bit different when used in xfce4-appfinder and in the plugin
  8. “I would rename the “Open” D-Bus methods to “Create…” or “Show…”, as open is a term rarely used for windows in APIs.” – what about API compatibility?
  9. “Also, perhaps rename XfceAppfinderWidget to XfceAppfinderView, widget is just so generic, I mean, everything is a widget.” – good point, BTW calling it “widget” created some name clashes with widgets, I'll gladly rework it.
  10. “ The .desktop.in file i missing” – added in repo
  11. “a –daemon option but […] doesn't work well. Each time I ask the daemon to open a window/widget it loads all the icons, which takes time.”
  12. no remote xfce4-popup-appmenu script – fixed in repo

Pending design decisions:

  2. How to implement –daemon option so that it (pre-)caches icons instead of loading them every time a widget is open (issue 10)
  3. (in the future) what should we use instead of GtkSocket/GtkPlug?