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 +====== Sample API 2 ======
 +  * Idea is the plugin shows preferences for the widgets:
 +    * set their position, therefore the static names for both multiple items (in case of example the sysload plugin), but also the position of the indicator items (by default icon/​progressbar,​ label).
 +    * Plugins can pack a widget (vbox or a single frame) for the plugin specific settings.
 +    * Color settings for progressbar and label.
 +    * Graph appearance.
 +  * An option would be a xfce_panel_indicator_item_add_width (XfcePanelIndicatorItem *item, const gchar *name, const gchar *display_name,​ GtkWidget *widget); to pack custom widgets. No idea if that is really useful and would affect the '​standardization'​ we try to accomplish here.
 +  * Plugin is responsible for the updates (so its own gdk timeout).
 +  * A graph widget could be a nice addition. It would at least merge the cpugraph and sysload plugins, making them both more functional (also graph of memory/swap usage), but also the netload and diskperf plugin would benefit. Bit of fancy cairo and transparency wouldn'​t hurt here :-).
 +    * Xfce4-taskmanager has a nice widget already.