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 ==== SVN repository ==== ==== SVN repository ====
-/​xfce-xfwm4-themes/​trunk/​themes +/​xfce-xfwm4-themes/​trunk/​themes\\ 
-/​xfce-gtk-themes/​trunk/​themes +/​xfce-gtk-themes/​trunk/​themes\\ 
-/​$foobar/​trunk +/​$foobar/​trunk\\ 
-.../​branches/​xfce_4_4 +.../​branches/​xfce_4_4\\ 
-.../​branches/​xfce-themes = a selection of themes (svn external...)+.../​branches/​xfce-themes = a selection of themes (svn external...)\\
 .../​tags/​xfce_4_2_3 = follows the xfce release cycle .../​tags/​xfce_4_2_3 = follows the xfce release cycle