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 ====== Xfce Documentation ====== ====== Xfce Documentation ======
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 ===== Generalities ===== ===== Generalities =====
-The Xfce documentation ​project ​is available online at [[http://​git.xfce.org/​|git.xfce.org]] in the "''​xfce4-docs''" ​repository ​that is made up of as many branches as different documentations. For example, the Xfce Panel documentation is held in the branch ​''​xfce4-panel-master''​On another hand, the ''​master''​ branch contains the Xfce user guide, a general documentation ​+The documentation is available online at [[http://​git.xfce.org/​|git.xfce.org]] in the //xfce4-docs// repository. The //master// branch contains the Xfce User Guide, a general documentation for the Xfce desktop. Furthermore this repository is made up of one branch per documentationfor example ​the Xfce Panel documentation is held in the branch ​//xfce4-panel-master//.
 The documentation is written with the [[http://​projectmallard.org/​|Mallard]] markup language. The documentation is written with the [[http://​projectmallard.org/​|Mallard]] markup language.
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 ===== Writers ===== ===== Writers =====
-  * Who is behind ​The team +To discuss the Xfce documentation project you have to join the mailing-list [[http://​foo-projects.org/​mailman/​listinfo/​xfce4-dev|xfce4-dev]]. When sending messages to the list simply make it clear in the subject of your message that it concerns the documentation. 
-  * Guidelines + 
-  * Template+For people new and interested into writing documentation,​ there is a [[http://​library.gnome.org/​devel/​gdp-handbook/​stable/​index.html.en|complete handbook]] written by the [[http://​live.gnome.org/​DocumentationProject|GNOME Documentation Project]]. It contains useful information on how to present the content, categorize the sections or the overall tone to keep inside a documentation. However since the Xfce documentation is written in Mallard markup language, the sections concerning Docbook are insignificant. 
 +  * [[documentation:​retrieve-documentation|Retrieve and create documentation]] 
 +  * [[documentation:​compile-documentation|Compile and read documentation]] 
 +  * [[documentation:​templates|Templates]]
 ===== Translators ===== ===== Translators =====
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 ===== Developers ===== ===== Developers =====
-  * How to add .gitmodules +As a developer of a project, you can migrate existing documentation inside the //​xfce4-docs//​ repository. To then include a documentation in your project from this repository, you will need to add a git submodule, and update the //​autogen.sh//​ script with a recent version of the Xfce devevelopment tools (//​xfce4-dev-tools//​). Starting version 4.7.3 there is a new check specific for documentation to initialize the git submodule automatically. 
-  * How to use the latest xdt-autogen with XDT_AUTOGEN_CHECK_DOCS+ 
 +  * [[documentation:​migrate-documentation|Set up documentation]]