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-GUEWpr ​ <a href="http://fjqfddchgbcl.com/">​fjqfddchgbcl<​/a>[url=http://vcbxqvhasolz.com/]vcbxqvhasolz[/url][link=http://zgflzysefzhc.com/]zgflzysefzhc[/link], http://​vyxxaomicovm.com/+====== Events related to Xfce in 2009 ====== 
 +===== FOSDEM (Brussels, February 7th-8th) ===== 
 +We're currently planning the participation of Xfce at FOSDEM 2009. If we can motivate enough developers to attend and can get a developer room, there will be talks and sessions held during the weekend. 
 +  * **Update (2008-11-17):​** Developer room request was submitted today. 
 +  * **Update (2008-12-01):​** Unfortunately,​ the developer room request has been rejected. 
 +  * **Update (2008-12-31):​** We'll probably be able to have 1-2 talks on Sunday as part of the Cross Desktop room.  
 +  * **Update (2009-01-14):​** The Cross Desktop room schedule [[http://live.gnome.org/Brussels2009/Devroom#​head-78b5ac62dae0ea72bae22fa0e09ebd50be90db24|has been published]]. Stephan and Jannis are both going to speak on Sunday! 
 +==== Attendees ==== 
 +  * Christian Dywan 
 +  * Jannis Pohlmann 
 +  * Jean-François Wauthy 
 +  * Jens Luedicke 
 +  * Nick Schermer 
 +  * Olivier Fourdan 
 +  * Stephan Arts 
 +  * Yves-Alexis Perez 
 +  * Maximilian Schleiss 
 +==== Talks ==== 
 +=== Xfce 4.6 and then? === 
 +This talk will be about the new Xfce release and it will also try to  
 +answer what comes after 4.6. Some of the new features of Xfce 4.6 will 
 +be presented and explained, the release process will be evaluated.  
 +Finally, we will give feature preview for Xfce 4.8. 
 +Speaker: Jannis Pohlmann is a 23-year-old computer science student  
 +living in LübeckGermany. He invests much of his free time into  
 +playing several instruments and Xfce, where he has contributed to a  
 +number of components over the years. He's also the Xubuntu Xfce  
 +Liaison and a Lunar Linux contributor. 
 +== Slides == 
 +  * [[http://lunar-linux.org/~jannis/xfce/​fosdem-2009/​fosdem-2009-xfce4.6-and-then.pdf|Download as PDF]
 +  * [[http://lunar-linux.org/~jannis/xfce/​fosdem-2009/​fosdem-2009-xfce4.6-and-then.tar.bz2|Download LaTeX and image sources]
 +=== Xfce as a Platform === 
 +Our second talk is especially targeted to software developers 
 +distributions and other software vendors. It will cover the APIs and  
 +infrastructure provided by the Xfce project. We will explain libraries  
 +and tools, how they work together and how you can use them for your  
 +own software project or distribution. Special focus will be put on  
 +Xfconf and ways to extend Xfce. 
 +SpeakerStephan Arts is a 23-year-old IT professional living in The  
 +Netherlands. Stephan is practicing aikido and ballroom dancing besides  
 +developing on various components for Xfce in his spare time.