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-This page is based on the following IRC conversation: +===== Requirements ===== 
-<file> +  * ruby interpreter 
-<ongardie> what's the current state of the graphical installer? +  * "fat tarball" of desired Xfce version 
-<kelnos|laptopongardie: it works, documentation is nonexistant, and it's more or less unmaintained + 
-<ongardie> kelnos|laptopare they produced with svn's installit/trunk? +===== Install ===== 
-<kelnos|laptop> no +This is the core of the installer. 
-<kelnos|laptop> one of the installit branches +<code
-<kelnos|laptop> the single file one or something like that +svn co http://svn.xfce.org/svn/xfce/installit/branches/installer-single-file installit 
-<ongardie> "installer-single-file" +cd installit 
-<ongardie> that branch is ruby and trunk is python? +./autogen.sh 
-<kelnos|laptop> yeah +make 
-<ongardie> kelnos|laptop: did you prepare the installer for 4.4.2? +sudo make install 
-<kelnos|laptopyeah +cd .. 
-<kelnos|laptop> unfortunately :-/ +</code
-<ongardie> do you remember how you did that? + 
-<kelnos|laptopongardiegrab the xfce-installers/trunk module +===== Xfce Config ===== 
-<kelnos|laptopyou can modify the .xml file in the xfce44 directory +<code> 
-<kelnos|laptopthe makefile in there shows what commands to run to build it +svn co http://svn.xfce.org/svn/xfce/xfce-installers/trunk/xfce44 xfce44-installer 
-<kelnos|laptopyou want to create a subdir called 'release' and put the packages inside that subdir +cd xfce44-installer 
-but strip the version numbers off the package directories +</code> 
-<kelnos|laptopongardie: i think that's about it, but i don't remember exactly +Update the version number and whatever else you want in xfce44.xml, the configuration file for the installer. 
 +===== Xfce Components ===== 
 +mkdir release 
 +cd release 
 +Acquire a fat tarball and place it here. 
 +tar -xjf xfce-*-src.tar.bz2 
 +That'll create a xfce-.../src directory containing a bunch of .tar.bz2's. Extract each of those and move the resulting subdirectory up to the current working directorytruncating the version number from its name. 
 +(I have a script to automate this. -ongardie) 
 +cd .. #back to xfce44-installer 
 +===== Build It ===== 
 +./xfce4-*-installer.run --check