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   * "fat tarball" of desired Xfce version   * "fat tarball" of desired Xfce version
-===== InstallI =====+===== Install =====
 This is the core of the installer. This is the core of the installer.
 <code> <code>
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 ./xfce4-*-installer.run --check ./xfce4-*-installer.run --check
 </code> </code>
-This page is based on the following IRC conversation: 
-<ongardie> what's the current state of the graphical installer? 
-<kelnos|laptop> ongardie: it works, documentation is nonexistant, and it's more or less unmaintained 
-<ongardie> kelnos|laptop: are they produced with svn's installit/trunk? 
-<kelnos|laptop> no 
-<kelnos|laptop> one of the installit branches 
-<kelnos|laptop> the single file one or something like that 
-<ongardie> "installer-single-file" 
-<ongardie> that branch is ruby and trunk is python? 
-<kelnos|laptop> yeah 
-<ongardie> kelnos|laptop: did you prepare the installer for 4.4.2? 
-<kelnos|laptop> yeah 
-<kelnos|laptop> unfortunately :-/ 
-<ongardie> do you remember how you did that? 
-<kelnos|laptop> ongardie: grab the xfce-installers/trunk module 
-<kelnos|laptop> you can modify the .xml file in the xfce44 directory 
-<kelnos|laptop> the makefile in there shows what commands to run to build it 
-<kelnos|laptop> you want to create a subdir called 'release' and put the packages inside that subdir,  
-but strip the version numbers off the package directories 
-<kelnos|laptop> ongardie: i think that's about it, but i don't remember exactly