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 +====== Kiosk Mode ======
 +Some components of Xfce have support for kiosk mode. This can be enabled by creating and modifying the system kioskrc file found at:
 +  ${sysconfdir}/​xdg/​xfce4/​kiosk/​kioskrc
 +By default, ${sysconfdir} points to /etc
-  /​etc/​xdg/​xfce4/​kiosk/​kioskrc 
 ===== Xfce4 Panel ===== ===== Xfce4 Panel =====
   [xfce4-panel]   [xfce4-panel]
-  CustomizePanel=%powerusers,​brad+  CustomizePanel=%powerusers,​foo
   * CustomizePanel   * CustomizePanel