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Using Another Window Manager

Xfce works nicely together with other window managers instead of xfwm4.

General Configuration

Replacing xfwm4 with the window manager of your choice is quite easy. Run

<command of your wm> --replace

and save your session. The change will be applied on the fly.

Or, if the WM of your choice does not support the --replace switch or you do not want saved sessions, use

xfconf-query -c xfce4-session -p /sessions/Failsafe/Client0_Command -n -a -t string -s "<command of your wm>"

This needs a restart of your session.

To make the change on a global scope for all users which do not have this setting already in there private xfce configuration, alter


and change the appropriate value.

As soon as you run another window manager instead of xfwm4 you will lose your support.
xfwm4 integrates its own compositor for hardware acceleration. You have to provide your own compositor if your alternate window manager doesn't provide this feature or you can't use things like real transparency, tear-free playback, window previews or drop shadows.


Just don't use it. It is outdated. Upstream is dead. Canonical took over the development, but only for Unity, so don't expect proper packages outside of *buntu.