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   * [[howto:​simple_network_monitoring|Simple network monitoring using Genmon plugin]]   * [[howto:​simple_network_monitoring|Simple network monitoring using Genmon plugin]]
   * [[dev:​howto:​panel_plugins|Write a panel plugin]]   * [[dev:​howto:​panel_plugins|Write a panel plugin]]
 +  * [[howto:​running_xfce_without_a_panel|Running XFCE without a panel]]
 ===== Developing ===== ===== Developing =====
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   * [[gnomemount-replacement|Wrapper script for gnome-mount]]   * [[gnomemount-replacement|Wrapper script for gnome-mount]]
   * [[howto:​xterm-as-root-tail|XTerm as root-tail]],​ DevilsPie example with Xterm   * [[howto:​xterm-as-root-tail|XTerm as root-tail]],​ DevilsPie example with Xterm
 +  * [[howto:​other_window_manager|Use another WM than Xfwm4]]