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Midori - Roadmap

This is an overview of planned features. Plans can change depending on available contributors.

Planned for 0.2.4

  • Scheduled around 6th of March
  • Fix completion unit tests
  • Match token⇔search URI in completion
  • Search searches in History panel
  • Implement Original cookies only, with soup_cookie_jar_set_accept_policy
  • Include bookmarks in completion
  • Add filter entry to Bookmarks panel
  • javascript extensions
  • follow links with a key and a number
  • use WebKitWebView::icon-uri
  • allow javascript popups on demand
  • back button popup (to go back or forward)
  • set/ get config via command line
  • GNOME proxy via gconftool like pidgin
  • import Mozilla bookmarks (HTML, sqlite)

Issues in need of attention

  • Enter url, press enter, and after that focus the page
  • Prevent transferbar from filling up the statusbar
  • Add a preference for the mouse button to the mouse gesture extension

Planned, without target release