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Lists of Lightweight Applications That Xfce Users Recommend

Only some of the applications that this page introduces are part of the xfce project. To see a list of them, click xfce-project





How to contribute to the lists?

In short: Add Xfce as a “custom platform” to an application profile on alternativeto.net

In addition to that add an xfce-project tag to the application profile IF AND ONLY IF the application is part of the xfce project itself.

In more details:

  1. Select an existing application or add a new one on that website!
  2. Hover over the wrench icon to make the “Actions” menu appear!
  3. Click on “Edit Information” button to make the edit page appear!
  4. Type xfce on the “Custom Platforms” field!
  5. From the drop-down list that appears, click on Xfce! (This step is necessary. Just typing xfce is not enough.)
  6. Click “Save & Done” botton!