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 ===== A11y Activation over D-Bus ===== ===== A11y Activation over D-Bus =====
-There has been a proposal ​to have desktop environments implement ​a D-Bus API that accessibility tools like Orca can use to check and turn on/off accessibility. We already have a "​Enable assistive technologies"​ check button in the accessibility settings dialog. ​However, blind users will have a hard time finding this button when a11y is disabledIf we implement ​the D-Bus API in xfsettingsd,​ enabling ​a11y would be as simple as launching ​Orca.+There has been a proposal ​for a D-Bus property ​to synchronize the setting that says whether assistive technologies are enabled across applications ​and desktop environments. We already have a "​Enable assistive technologies"​ check button in the accessibility settings dialog. ​All we have to do is set the ''​org.a11y.status.IsEnabled''​ property on startup and update our setting whenever ​the this property changes. This will allow applications like Orca to enable ​a11y support in Xfce automatically. That way blind users can just start Orca, followed by a logout/​login,​ to activate AT, rather than having to search for the "​Enable assistive technologies"​ check button. 
 +==== Links ====
-Links: ​ 
   * https://​mail.gnome.org/​archives/​release-team/​2011-August/​msg00036.html   * https://​mail.gnome.org/​archives/​release-team/​2011-August/​msg00036.html
   * https://​mail.gnome.org/​archives/​desktop-devel-list/​2011-May/​msg00397.html   * https://​mail.gnome.org/​archives/​desktop-devel-list/​2011-May/​msg00397.html
 +==== Notes ====
 +The D-Bus API proposed in the mails is outdated. at-spi2-core implements the following API instead (see http://​git.gnome.org/​browse/​at-spi2-core/​tree/​bus/​at-spi-bus-launcher.c#​n60):​
 +<​interface name='​org.a11y.Status'>​
 +  <​property name='​IsEnabled'​ type='​b'​ access='​readwrite'/>​
 ===== Testing ===== ===== Testing =====
 <del> <del>