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 +====== Garcon 0.1.x Roadmap ======
 +Although Garcon is used by a lot of core components, it is still an unstable-versioned package. The reason behind this is that we can still break the API without any problems in case we really need to.
 +===== [FINISHED] Improve Performance =====
 +Since the 4.10 xfce4-appfinder also heavily uses the Garcon library, we focused on performance of the library too. As part of this we discovered XfceRc was a lot faster then the more portable GKeyFile and there were also some inefficient loops in the code.
 +All these improvements are already in the 0.1.9 release, so maybe you already benefit from this with Xfce 4.8.
 +Completed: 100% (but always ongoing) \\
 +Assignee: Nick\\
 +Difficulty: Moderate