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xfce-utils 4.10 Roadmap

We want to get rid of this package. It hold no usable information anymore, below a short list of where the different parts will move to. lp

  • doc/ → will be in the xfce4-docs package.
  • scripts/{startxfce4,xinitrc.in}.in → xfce4-session
  • scripts/{xfbrowser4,xflock4,xfterm,xfmountdev}.in → remove
  • scripts/xfhelp4.desktop.in → xfce4-docs
  • xfce.desktop.in → xfce4-session (see also usablility topic in main roadmap page)
  • scripts/xfconf* → remove
  • scripts/Xft.xrdb → not sure if it is still usable, but can be moved to xfce4-session
  • xfce4-about/ → move to libxfce4ui (library aready depends on Gtk+ and required by any Xfce component, so we always get credits ;-).
  • xfrun/ → new appfinder will have this functionality.

Completed: 0%
Assignee: Nick
Difficulty: Easy