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xfce4-session 4.10 Roadmap

Refactor and Modularize the Shutdown Helper

The code in xfce4-session that deals with logging out, suspending, shutting down etc. is a bit of a mess. It mixes code related to PolicyKit, ConsoleKit and sudo. We would like to clean this up in order to improve the code quality and error reporting. An idea would be to have a plugin interface for this and have plugins for PolicyKit, ConsoleKit and sudo that are processed after each other. We could consolidate the error messages and determine what to do way better than we do at the moment.

Completed: 0%
Difficulty: Moderate

Clean Session Button

It seems to be quite common people want to clear they entire session, so maybe we can add a simple button (with question dialog) to the settings dialog, and remove $XDG_CACHE_HOME/sessions.

Completed: 0%
Difficulty: Easy