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 ===== Port to Gtk3 ===== ===== Port to Gtk3 =====
-Related branches: https://​github.com/​EricKoegel/​xfce4-session/​tree/​new-gtk3+Related branches: https://​github.com/​EricKoegel/​xfce4-session/​tree/​new-gtk3 ​(merged in master)
-For dbus session clients: http://​git.xfce.org/​users/​eric/​xfce4-session/​log/?​h=fix-gtk-session-management+For dbus session clients: http://​git.xfce.org/​users/​eric/​xfce4-session/​log/?​h=fix-gtk-session-management ​(merged in master)
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           * xfsm-systemd.c - Done           * xfsm-systemd.c - Done
           * xfsm-upower.c - Removed from codebase           * xfsm-upower.c - Removed from codebase
-  * Add in better screensaver support - Done? - Needs more testing +  * Add in better screensaver support - Done 
-  * Fix session management after Gtk broke it, see: https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​show_bug.cgi?​id=10963+  * Fix session management after Gtk broke it, see: https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​show_bug.cgi?​id=10963 ​- Done 
 +  * There may be some remaining things to look into for dbus session management, such as: 
 +      * saving/​restoring the applications workspace and possibly window location?  
 +      * We may want to add a non-session managed process loop at shutdown to send SIGTERM + after a timeout send SIGKILL to kill all the clients that don't do dbus or xsmp session management when legacy session management is disabled. This way clients at least get some shutdown notification. 
 +      * Might need to ensure dbus clients don't get picked up as legacy session clients. Looks like gtk sets some window properties we can check for https://​git.gnome.org/​browse/​gtk+/​tree/​gtk/​gtkapplication-x11.c#​n37