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-Xfdesktop ​porting plan:+====== ​Xfdesktop ​Gtk3 ======
-old Branch: http://git.xfce.org/​users/​eric/​xfdesktop/​log/?​h=gtk3+All changes have been merged in masterFeel free to open bug reports for regressions and fixes.
-newer branch: https://​github.com/​EricKoegel/​xfdesktop/​tree/​the-long-road-to-gtk3 
-Feel free to send pull requests to help with porting. Currently the focus is on making changes to xfdesktop that can be tested with the Gtk2 version to verify things work before making the drastic jump to Gtk3. Same way xfce4-session was ported. 
-Port xfdesktop/​common 
-  * Completed 100% 
-Port xfdesktop/​settings 
-  * Completed: 0%? I have some code for this, but it will require a patch like: [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​show_bug.cgi?​id=12618]] 
-Port xfdesktop/​src with --disable-desktop-icons 
-  * This way the focus is just on the parts that render the background 
-  * GdkPixmap is gone 
-  * Completed: 0% 
-Port the rest of xfdesktop/​src 
-  * The iconview is a custom widget, replace it with a GtkGrid packng the icon and a GtkLabel? Or use cell renderers? 
-  * Completed: 0% 
-Additional items: 
-  * Switch to using GNotification and drop libnotify dependency 
-  * Switch to GDBus and drop libdbus dependency 
-  * Remove the old fallback code for supporting old Gtk/Glib versions 
-  * Use Garcon-gtk for the right-click menu and drop our own custom version - Done 
-  * Completed: 0%