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-Xfdesktop ​porting plan:+====== ​Xfdesktop ​Gtk3 ======
 +All changes have been merged in master. Feel free to open bug reports for regressions and fixes.
-Port xfdesktop/​settings 
-  * Completed: 0% 
-Port xfdesktop/​src with --disable-desktop-icons 
-  * This way the focus is just on the parts that render the background 
-  * GdkPixmap is gone 
-  * Completed: 0% 
-Port the rest of xfdesktop/​src 
-  * The iconview is a custom widget, replace it with a GtkGrid packng the icon and a GtkLabel? Or use cell renderers? 
-  * Completed: 0% 
-Additional items: 
-  * Switch to using GNotification and drop libnotify dependency 
-  * Switch to GDBus and drop libdbus dependency 
-  * Remove the old fallback code for supporting old Gtk/Glib versions 
-  * Completed: 0%