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Xfdesktop porting plan

newer branch: https://github.com/EricKoegel/xfdesktop/tree/the-long-road-to-gtk3

old Branch: http://git.xfce.org/users/eric/xfdesktop/log/?h=gtk3

Feel free to send pull requests to help with porting.

Port xfdesktop/common

  • Completed 100%

Port xfdesktop/settings

Port xfdesktop/src with --disable-desktop-icons

  • Done, with bugs. The initial desktop render doesn't happen and I don't have a multi-monitor/multi-screen setup so I can't test those at the moment.
  • Completed: 90%

Port the rest of xfdesktop/src

  • The iconview is a custom widget, replace it with a GtkGrid packng the icon and a GtkLabel? Or use cell renderers?
  • Completed: 0%

Additional items

  • Switch to GDBus and drop libdbus dependency - Done
  • Remove the old fallback code for supporting old Gtk/Glib versions - Removing them as I run into them.
  • Use Garcon-gtk for the right-click menu and drop our own custom version - Done
  • Completed: 100%