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General UI Changes


* Use CSD (client-side decorations) for XfceTitledDialog and potentially apps: [[releng:4.16:roadmap:general_ui:csd|Review of current Xfwm4 decorations vs. CSD]]
* GtkTreeViews with Buttons need a unified look (inline-toolbar or not, button with icons+label or only icons, symbolic vs. colored icons, position of toolbar - horizontal vs. vertical)
* GtkStackSwitcher vs. GtkNotebook (if to use GtkStackSwitcher in place of GtkNotebook and if yes, under which circumstances) - see xfce4-notifyd-config for an example of GtkStackSwitcher


  • Replace certain general icons with their symbolic counterparts, e.g. “window-close” with “window-close-symbolic” (otherwise they suck in Dark Mode apps)

UI Bugs


  • It is allowed to resize the window so that part of the tabbar and some labels of the embedded dialog become invisible. For example, this is how Window Manager Tweaks looks like: https://i.imgur.com/NU92WKa.png


  • On Focus and Settings tabs, some keyboard accelerators are highlighted by default. Doesn't happen when the dialog is run as standalone.


  • The horizontal scrollbar is shown initially but disappears on (any?) mouse click. The window becomes unscrollable: https://i.imgur.com/oGSb2WK.png
  • The top on/off buttons aren't aligned with other controls.


  • If “Output” gets changed from “Automatic” to “Primary”, the “Span monitors” checkbox becomes insensitive. But it never becomes sensitive again, even if “Output” goes back to “Automatic”. It takes reopening the dialog to make the checkbox sensitive.
  • If opening Panel from Settings Manager, there's no vertical scrollbar shown. However, when scrolling, the window scrolls but the scroll events also get applied to the controls inside the window: e.g., the Mode changes from Horizontal to Vertical, Output changes, etc. The panel starts jumping on the screen.

Session and Startup

Window Manager Tweaks