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stephan Remove RC's and beta.. (since RC1 is tagged, packaged and uploaded and we won't RC2 (i think) and Final will be final)
releng:4.6:milestones [2009/10/28 23:57]
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 ======Release milestones:​====== ======Release milestones:​======
-=====Final===== + 
-  ​***Codename:​** Xfce 4.6.0 +
-  ***Date:** 06.02.2009 <​del>​10th of January 2009</​del>​ <​del>​21st of December 2008</​del>​ <​del>​28th of September 2008</​del>​ +
-  ***Bugzilla tag:** xfce-4.6.0 +
-  ***Level:** 20/20+