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Libxfce4ui 4.8 Roadmap

Move Components From Gui4 (Easy)

Create a functional library with all the stuff we need.

Status: 95%

Session Client (Moderate)

Make a GObject for session management. If that all works, (core) applications should implement it, see step below.

Status: 10%

Port all applications to libxfce4ui (Easy)

Mainly a task for easy individual developer, to port his/her application to 4ui. This also means your apps need to port to GtkBuilder.

Status: Depends on each component.

GtkBuilder Support

GtkBuilder works fine with XfceTitledDialog, but this only works if the library is properly linked, see Gnome bug 588238. You can work around this using something like this:

if (xfce_titled_dialog_get_type () == 0) return;