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 ====== Libxfce4util 4.8 Roadmap ====== ====== Libxfce4util 4.8 Roadmap ======
-Library is more or less complete. ​Maybe we can deprecate ​XfceDesktopEntry.+Library is more or less complete. 
 +===== Deprecate ​XfceDesktopEntry ​===== 
 +This should be removed in the futureCurrently only used in libxfcegui4,​ which is after 4.6 a deprecated library. \\ 
 +Completed: 100% (http://​git.xfce.org/​xfce/​libxfce4util/​commit/?​id=807cd08c78a449a67119944ff79d40394030772b) \\ 
 +Assignee: Nick\\ 
 +Difficulty: Easy