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Xfce Test

Xfce Test is a Docker/Xephyr environment for testing the latest builds of Xfce.


  • Make it executable ( chmod u+x xfce-test )
  • Download necessary components ( ./xfce-test install )
    • On Xubuntu 20.04 it will install these packages and their dependencies, if they aren’t already installed - xserver-xephyr, docker.io, xvfb, jq, and curl - which will download ~71Mb and require 351Mb of space
  • Download the docker container ( sudo ./xfce-test pull )
    • It will download the container parts of schuellerf/xfce-test which is ~1.6Gb and require ~4.4Gb of space (as of May 2020)


  • Run it ( sudo ./xfce-test start )


  • Remove the docker container
    • Find the schuellerf/xfce-test container’s image ID ( docker images -a )
    • Remove the container ( docker rmi [image’s ID] )
  • Remove the installed packages
    • Remove main packages ( sudo apt remove xserver-xephyr docker.io xvfb jq curl )
      • Note: you may not want to remove some of these packages if they weren't installed during the xfce-test installation
    • Remove dependencies ( sudo apt autoremove )