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 +{{ :​thunar:​dev:​thunar.png?​nolink|}} 
 +====== Thunar - Using gfvs metadata ======
    gio info -a '​metadata::​*'​ $HOME    gio info -a '​metadata::​*'​ $HOME
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          ​metadata::​mynote:​ Please remember to delete this file!          ​metadata::​mynote:​ Please remember to delete this file!
   ​   ​
-(Info from [[https://​access.redhat.com/​documentation/​en-us/​red_hat_enterprise_linux/​7/​html/​desktop_migration_and_administration_guide/​using-gvfs-metadata|here]])+(Info from [[https://​access.redhat.com/​documentation/​en-us/​red_hat_enterprise_linux/​7/​html/​desktop_migration_and_administration_guide/​using-gvfs-metadata|Redhat]])
 ---- ----