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-  * [[https://​docs.xfce.org/​xfce/​thunar/build_and_run|How to build and run thunar from source]]+  * [[thunar:dev:build_and_run|How to build and run thunar from source]]
   * [[https://​docs.xfce.org/​xfce/​thunar/​software_architecture|Hierarchy of Thunar views]]   * [[https://​docs.xfce.org/​xfce/​thunar/​software_architecture|Hierarchy of Thunar views]]
   * [[thunar:​dev:​test_dbus_calls|Testing DBUS Calls]]   * [[thunar:​dev:​test_dbus_calls|Testing DBUS Calls]]
   * [[thunar:​dev:​temp_disable_gvfs|temporary disable gvfs]]   * [[thunar:​dev:​temp_disable_gvfs|temporary disable gvfs]]
   * [[thunar:​dev:​Using_gtk_Inspector|Using the gtk Inspector]]   * [[thunar:​dev:​Using_gtk_Inspector|Using the gtk Inspector]]
-  * [[thunar:​dev:​Simulate_Horizontal_Scroll|Simulation of Horizontal Scrolling(Trackball)]]+  * [[thunar:​dev:​Mouse_button_magic|Mouse button magic]] 
 +  * [[thunar:​dev:​test_remotes|testing remote locations]] 
 +  * [[thunar:​dev:​gio_metadata|working with gio/gvfs metadata]]