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Line 251: Line 251:
     xfconf-query -c $CHANNEL -T -p $PROP     xfconf-query -c $CHANNEL -T -p $PROP
 else else
-    xfconf-query -c $CHANNEL -n -p $PROP -t bool -s true+    xfconf-query -c $CHANNEL -n -p $PROP -t bool -s false
 fi fi
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Control per-window transparency =====
 +Xfce lets you control the transparency of any window by horizontal scrolling on the titlebar. Starting with 4.12 though, it has been disabled by default. To enable this, open **Settings Editor > xfwm4** and change ''​horiz_scroll_opacity''​ to true by clicking the checkbox. ​
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