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-===== Customize the font in clock panel plugin ===== 
-You can use [[http://​library.gnome.org/​devel/​pango/​unstable/​PangoMarkupFormat.html|Pango markup format]] to customize the font in clock panel plugin. Switch to custom format (only available with digital layout) and use tags inside the format string. 
-For example: 
-  * ''<​nowiki><​span font_desc="​URW Gothic L Book 18">​%R</​span></​nowiki>''​ 
-  * ''<​nowiki><​span font_desc="​bold 12">​%R</​span></​nowiki>''​ 
 ===== Performance Tips ===== ===== Performance Tips =====
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 action=/​bin/​true action=/​bin/​true
 </​file>​ </​file>​
-===== Use mnemonics to create Thunar Custom Actions ===== 
-When you create a [[http://​thunar.xfce.org/​pwiki/​documentation/​custom_actions|Thunar Custom Action]] you can set the name with an underscore "​_"​ before a letter to use it as mnemonic. ​ When you right click in a Thunar view, you can type the letter to access your custom action. 
 ===== Accessing man pages through xfrun4 ===== ===== Accessing man pages through xfrun4 =====