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 ===== 翻译 ===== ===== 翻译 =====
-Translating ​Xfce will give it the possibility to be accepted by more people. You don't want software that is in English, do you? ;-)+翻译 ​Xfce 可以让它能被更多人接受。你不想要英文的软件,是不? ​;-)
-Xfce uses a [[http://​translations.xfce.org/​|Transifex]] ​platform for the translations. By registering in, you can join the translation team of your language or more and start to translate. You can meet with other people from the team and try to share the work together.+Xfce 使用 ​[[http://​translations.xfce.org/​|Transifex]] ​平台来翻译。注册后,你可以加入你的语言的翻译团队并开始翻译。你可以认识团队里面的其他人,和他们一起分担工作。 ​
-If you are new to translations everything is explained ​[[translations|here]].+如果你是新来翻译的,相关事宜在都[[translations|]]解释了。
 ===== 报告缺陷 ===== ===== 报告缺陷 =====