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Roadmap to Parole 0.5


  • Speed up subtitle-loading by/and jump/ing back 3sec after setting subtitles
  • Create a map of Langs/Subtitles to rename e.g. “jp” to “Japanese” (and possibly look at how Totem/Videos does it) - bluesabre, 2013/01/26


  • Add (optional?) statusbar that shows the number of items in the playlist and their total playtime

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Totem: Up/Down: Volume Up/Down, Left/Right: Seek backwards 15 seconds/forwards 60 seconds, Ctrl+K: Skip to specific time in media (dialog), Ctrl+H: Hide menubar and controls, Ctrl+Space: Play/Pause
  • Gnome MPlayer: Up/Down: Seeks forwards/backwards 60 seconds, Left/Right: Seek Backwards/Forwards 10 seconds, Page Up/Down: Seek Forwards/Backwards 10 minutes
  • VLC: ..? Space: Pause/Play, F: Fullscreen