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Linpus Linux on the Acer Aspire One

The Acer Aspire One mini-laptop uses a Taiwanese Linux distribution called Linpus Linux (http://www.linpus.com is often down, check wikipedia for some info). The UI, though customized, is based on Xfce. For a little bit of an introduction to the device, have a look at Jasper's blog post.

Modified Xfce components

  • Thunar: show available disk space

  • xfdesktop: heavily modified to provide the big links to startup programs.

  • ?Some settings dialogs?

Please add to this list if you have noticed anything else.

Acer / Linpus Customized FC8 RPMs

  • gst-plugins-enhanced-acer-1.0-2008041701
  • libacerxmltool-0.1-2008053101
  • acs-firefox-fonts-0.1-20080603.fc8.acer
  • exo-0.3.4-9.acer
  • xfdesktop-acer-lp-1522.no_spot.mcs_patched
  • libacerwidget-0.1-2008062601
  • acerim-0.1.0-2008062601
  • libacerlocker-0.1-2008041801
  • libacersoundplayer-0.1-2008052101
  • Thunar-0.9.0-30.acer
  • acer-search-bar-1.0-14
  • firefox-
  • libacertime-0.1-2008041801
  • mplayerplug-in-3.50-20080520.fc8.acer
  • thunar-volman-0.1.2-6.acer
  • farsight-plugin-acer-0.1.0-2008060401
  • gst-plugins-acer-1.0-2008062601
  • libacerlogger-0.1-2008050701
  • libaceruuidgenerator-0.1-2008041801
  • libacerpimds-0.1-2008061201
  • smanager-0.1.0-18.acer
  • gnome-utils-


Notes to the Xfce developers:

  • The xfdesktop2 program is in a "source" RPM. However, I can't seem to find the actual source code for the binary. Running xfdesktop2 –version on the Aspire One indicates that it is based off of xfdesktop.
  • Thunar and it's modifications are missing completely

If the sources for these modifications cannot be found, then this sounds like a GPL violation.

Notes to the kernel or alsa developers:

  • alsa-driver and modifications to the sound/pci/hda/* are missing completely. There is /lib/modules/ module, which handle digital microphone input and do a local dynamics echo canceliation, and which sources are completely absent too. If you try to build sound drivers from kernel sources, then there is no sound on build-in dynamics. Only external jack is supported by this drivers. fmalib.ko is ForteMedia sound library and have following text inside binary: ForteMedia SAM-Soft loaded, SAMSoft library init, SAMSoft library free. This sounds like a GPL violation too.

Building the Sources

Coming up. If you have succeeded in building one of the modified components, please add instructions here.