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Wiki Janitor !

This page aims to clean the bugzilla. Indeed, http://bugzilla.xfce.org contains looot of bugs, and outdated informations.

Update product category

  • Update git.xfce.org description:
    Problems with the admin interface or the cgit install at git.xfce.org itself.
    • Done — Nick
  • Remove the svn.xfce.org componant
    • Done — Nick

Kill these bugs !

Questions: what to do for all old bugs ? Like for xfce4-mcs, xfprint etc … ?

We keep them as long as the apps live in the git repository. We can remove them safely (mark them as not fixed) once the projects are moved into archived/read only repositories. — Mike
We just close the product for new bugs. — Nick.

Here a list of bug which can be closed, with the reason :

To continue…