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Roadmap to 1.5

  • Optionally display percentage and battery time next to the panel icon (see bug #4499)
  • Add option for systray to only show up when charging/discharging.


Bug fixes

Code cleanup

  • do code cleanup until motivation runs dry
    • sync DPMS/blanking constraints in xfconf instead of in UI
    • function names for the settings dialog refer to renamed tabs; rename them or find a better way of dealing with this


  • sync the blanking or DPMS values between xfpm and X11
    • if the user sets the blank time e.g. in another application or a terminal (“xset s 10”), xfpm's UI wouldn't reflect this change of settings at all, but the screen would still blank after 10 seconds. however, this is more the exception than the rule, checking this once at dialog startup should be fine.
    • xdg-screensaver (which is used by many media players to suspend the screensaver during fullscreen-playback) seems to be causing some faulty behavior there by resetting the value to the X-default of 600s.
  • “Handle display power management” option also disables DPMS.
    • option a) We change the wording of the label to something like “Enable display power management”
      • open question: is setting all DPMS timeouts to 0 equal to disabling DPMS? if so, the option is (a bit) superfluous
    • option b) We make it do what it says, i.e. just leave the DPMS values alone if 0
      • open question: when does this option actually make sense? is it specifically there for xscreensaver? if so, we should probably leave the blank settings alone too in that case.
  • further improve coexistance with xscreensaver (DPMS on AC/battery) if possible
  • consider doing a fade-to-black, if X11's screensaver extension is used (instead of gnome-screensaver or xscreensaver)
  • better handle machines that have more than one battery (especially warnings and remaining time, tooltip info about battery)
    • UPower 1.0 has a concept of a display device that is supposed to fix that issue, but we do need it to work for earlier versions.
  • some machines (most common with IBM/Lenovo thinkpads) can set the maximum level batteries will be charged to (e.g. 80%); xfpm should properly handle this with regard to notifications etc. see bug #8561

New features