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Session Saving and Autostart UIs

The session saving and resuming feature has been a source of confusion for newcoming users, who may not expect it to define a new Default Session but rather just to save a one-off session. The actual session picker is also not very well exposed to new users.


We don't actually know who's doing what among the existing user base and how different people understand the relationship between autostart and session saving. Clarifying how this is understood, and how our users go about trying to change the session and starting apps, will allow us to provide less confusing and more configurable session handling.

The goal is not to strip down features, but unify and improve the UI between autostart and sessions so that users always know:

  • how to start a new, clean session
  • how to resume an existing session
  • how to add or remove autostart apps across sessions
  • what happens when they save a session
  • how to define a new default session
Requirements Gathering

The first step of this action is to gather user requirements and document usability failures. Two online surveys are running since 2014-11-19:

The contact point for this action is Steve - sidi - sidi@xfce.org.


To be acted upon post-requirement-gathering.