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Xfce Release How To

Please see https://docs.xfce.org/contribute/dev/start for an up to date documentation!

Considerations before releasing

  • Are the translations up to date, are the translator aware of you going to release.
  • All patches are applied and all known critical bugs fixed.
  • Do you have the feeling: “Yes, this code ready to be released upon the world, everyone should be able to enjoy it”? ;)

Files to update before release

  1. Release information: ChangeLog, NEWS.
  2. Common information: README, AUTHORS, THANKS, TODO (when present).

Configure script

  1. Edit the configure script template configure.in.in or configure.ac.in.
  2. Set the package version (<package>_version_major, <package>_version_minor and <package>_version_micro) to the version you want to release.
  3. Remove git from <package>_version_tag.
  4. Check the build dependencies.

Check release package

  1. Run ./autogen.sh
  2. Run make distcheck
  3. Check auto generated files: INSTALL, COPYING
  4. If at this stage everything works, run git commit -m 'Updates for release'
  5. Now you are ready to tag the current master:
    git tag -a <package>-<version> # e.g. xfce4-power-manager-1.3.2
    git push && git push --tags

    You can sign tags with a GPG key by adding an additional parameter to the git tag command. For more information about tagging read the git-tag manual.

  6. Now you can release the package using the xfce release manager. Folow the instructions on that site.


  1. Edit configure.in.in or configure.ac.in.
  2. Reset <package>_version_tag to git.
  3. Commit (git commit -m “Back to development”) and push.
  4. Add the version to the bugzilla component.