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This page describes the Xfce documentation project as well as how documentation works for writers, translators and developers.

NB: this page is a work in progress


The documentation is available online at git.xfce.org in the xfce4-docs repository. The master branch contains the Xfce User Guide, a general documentation for the Xfce desktop. Furthermore this repository is made up of one branch per documentation, for example the Xfce Panel documentation is held in the branch xfce4-panel-master.

The documentation is written with the Mallard markup language.

Translation is done on Transifex at translations.xfce.org as individual PO files.


To discuss the Xfce documentation project you have to join the mailing-list xfce4-dev. When sending messages to the list simply make it clear in the subject of your message that it concerns the documentation.

For people new and interested into writing documentation, there is a complete handbook written by the GNOME Documentation Project. It contains useful information on how to present the content, categorize the sections or the overall tone to keep inside a documentation. However since the Xfce documentation is written in Mallard markup language, the sections concerning Docbook are insignificant.


NB: we probably should wait til Tx 1.0 gets installed.


As a developer of a project, you can migrate existing documentation inside the xfce4-docs repository. To then include a documentation in your project from this repository, you will need to add a git submodule, and update the autogen.sh script with a recent version of the Xfce devevelopment tools (xfce4-dev-tools). Starting version 4.7.3 there is a new check specific for documentation to initialize the git submodule automatically.