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Xfce Documentation

This page describes the Xfce documentation project as well as how documentation works for writers, translators and developers.

NB: this page is a work in progress


The Xfce documentation project is available online at git.xfce.org in the “xfce4-docs” repository that is made up of as many branches as different documentations. For example, the Xfce Panel documentation is held in the branch xfce4-panel-master. On another hand, the master branch contains the Xfce user guide, a general documentation

The documentation is written with the Mallard markup language.

Translation is done on Transifex at translations.xfce.org as individual PO files.


  • Who is behind / The team
  • Guidelines
  • Template


NB: we probably should wait til Tx 1.0 gets installed.


  • How to add .gitmodules
  • How to use the latest xdt-autogen with XDT_AUTOGEN_CHECK_DOCS