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Events Related to Xfce in 2010

FOSDEM (Brussels, February 6th-7th)

We're currently planning the participation of Xfce at FOSDEM 2010. If we can motivate enough people to attend and can get a developer room, there will be talks and sessions held during the weekend.


Name In Brussels From/To Wants to Share Hotel Room Travelling from (for joint travelling)
Jean-François Wauthy Sat-06 to Sun-07 n/a Namur, BE
Yves-Alexis Perez Fri-05 to Sun-07 Maybe
Vincent Fri-05 or Sat-06 to Sun-07 Yes The Netherlands

Talk Ideas

  • 2009 Wrapup / 2010 Preview. I could imagine a 2009 status report (lots of things changed) and a preview of the new features in Xfce 4.8. Our feature freeze is on the 2010-02-01, so at FOSDEM we should be able to present how 4.8 will look like. — Jannis Pohlmann 2009/10/16 15:46

Booth Ideas