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FOSDEM 2011 (Brussels, February 5th-6th)

On this page we're planning our trip to FOSDEM 2011.


Name In Brussels From/To Wants to Share Hotel Room Traveling from (for joint traveling)
Jannis Pohlmann Fri-04 to Mon-07 Already shared, Hotel Du Congres Lübeck/Hamburg, Germany
Nick Schermer Fri-04 to Mon-07 Already shared, Hotel Du Congres Alkmaar, Netherlands
Christoph Wickert Fri-04 - Mon-07 Already shared Münster, Germany
Dominic Hopf Fri-04 - Sun-06 (not sure yet) not sure yet Hamburg, Germany
Jérôme Guelfucci Sat-05 No Lille, France
Jean-François Wauthy Sat-05 - Sun-06 n.a. (commuting) Biesme, Belgium
Landry Breuil (gaston) Fri-04 to Sun-06 No Clermont, France
Yves-Alexis Perez (corsac) Fri-04 to Sun-06 No Paris, France
Lionel Le Folgoc (mr_pouit) Fri-04 to Sun-06 No Paris, France
Christian Dywan Fri-04 to Mon-07 Already shared, Hotel Astrid Bonn, Germany
Jens Luedicke (perldude) Fri-04 to Sun-06 No Aachen, Germany

Meeting Point/Time

First of all, to find us you have to know who we are. Easiest might be to look for a rather tall guy next to a guy with a black leather jacket, both with short blond hair. Don't be shy, just ask everyone you think might be us.

Here's a group photo from 2009 with IRC nicks on it: http://gezeiten.org/~jannis/fosdem2009-group-picture-names.png.


  • FOSDEM Beer Event is a good place to meet on Friday. It starts at 6 PM, a reasonable time to meet is around 9 PM.


  • We'll meet at 11:45 AM on the grass area in front of building Aw (map). There will only be one keynote about LLVM and Clang in parallel to this time and no other talks before 1 PM. This gives us time to get a snack together and have a chat.


  • 12 AM looks like a good time to meet, again **in front of building Aw (map).